March 9th, 2001

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, the art works themselves are no longer on display at the museum.
The domain name webmuseum.dk was transferred to Danish Centre for Design Research in 2008.
- Henning Wettendorff, chief curator

The following artists and works are presented in this first edition of Webmuseum.dk:

Sebastian Campion: Trueism, 1998
Lise Harlev: 28 trees, 1998
Mogens Jacobsen: OPA, 1998
Joachim Koester: Nordenskiöld and the Ice Cap, 2000
Peter Lind: FilmCity, 1996/2000
Martin Pingel: Utility Man, 1995
Petri Raappana: False/True, 1999
Nikolaj Recke: Looking for 4 leaf Clovers, 1998
Malene Selchau: White and Black, 1998
Peter Thillemann: Untitled, 1998

Most works have been available for years to every web surfer equipped with a range of standard browser plug-ins. Not least the Danish Artnode Foundation has initiated and archived a variety of projects since 1996.

However, at Webmuseum.dk the historical and technical documentation has been retrieved if available, and some works are archived in more than one historical version. This virtual museum is an electronic space open to experimentation and to discussions of strategies for the art museum's handling of electronic works-in progress.

Webmuseum.dk offers the visitor two types of experiences of the virtual museum: a "digital" access which makes use of Flash navigation, and an "analog" entrance offering visitors an experience closely resembling that of a modernist museum structure in the physical world, complete with a children's museum, guestbook and guided tours.

As both types of access lead to the same art works, the double navigational structure implicitly asks questions such as the extent to which traditional handling of art works can be adjusted to deal with a current, immaterial art form that is developing rapidly and is always open to updates and changes.

WEBMUSEUM.DK is a pilot project managed by Museet for Fotokunst in Odense. It is open through November 30th 2001 - at www.webmuseum.dk.

Webmuseum.dk is conceived and curated by Henning Wettendorff, editor of KATALOG: Journal of Photography & Video, published by Museet for Fotokunst, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense, Denmark.

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